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Smart City Scheme (SCS)

In order to create better working and living conditions, via foreign investment and the economic development of the country, the Mauritian government has specially created the Smart City Scheme (SCS). This programme aims to provide an enabling environment with many tax and non-tax incentives for investors and residents. The development of smart cities across the island is the new real estate scheme that emerged at the same time as the PDS (Property Development Scheme). 

The smart cities will be both commercial (offices, industrial parks, work centre etc.) and residential (villas, apartments, duplexes, townhouses, shopping malls, numerous educational and health facilities), and will offer a whole range of leisure activities for visitors and residents (leisure centres, hotels and restaurants, tourist attractions, cultural hub). High-tech materials and the environment are priorities for the SCS. Controlling energy consumption, therefore, is a primary concern.

Recycling will also be an important component of these new cities. Local and foreign investors who wish to invest in the development of a smart city will be exempted from paying income tax and value-added tax on buildings. More information can be found on the BOI Website.

Invest in a North Smart City – Mont Choisy La Reverse.


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